Cracker – sourdough discard

3 people | 30 min.

What you need

  • 150 gr. plain flour
  • 250 gr. sourdough starter discard
  • 60 ml extra virgin olive oil
  • water
  • rosemary
  • ground pepper
  • chilly flakes
  • sesame seeds
  • salt
  • sea salt flakes
  • + any extra spices fancy to add


Simple, quick but delicious recipe.
Mix all the ingredients for the Crackers in a bowl, knead them into a rough dough, pliable but stiff.
Ideally it should rest at least 30 minutes for the flavour to develop.
Roll out the dough to about 3-4mm thickness. Then place it onto a sheet of baking paper.

Preheat the oven at about 150°C.

Cut into crackers using a fluted cutter or knife. Be creative in your shape!
Separate the strips and pieces slightly, so they don’t stick together after baking.
You can prick each cracker with a fork to ensure the cracker stays nice and flat during baking.
Transfer the crackers with thebaking paper to an owen tray and bake for about 20min.
The edges might get darker.
Remove from oven and cool completely.
Sprinkle with extra sea salt flakes and serve with your favourite sauce.

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