crispy golden calamari rings.

2 people | 20 min.

What you need

  • 2 calamari, about 400 gr.
  • 100 gr. flour
  • cold beer
  • salt
  • ice
  • sunflower oil
  • lemon segments


Calamari are small squid, and when they are served as crisp fried rings, they are one of the most classic Italian summer seafood dish.

It’s important to buy very fresh squid from the fishmonger and generally they clean it for you.
Rinse the calamari in running water and pat them completely dry with paper towels.
Slice the tubes into rings about 1-1.5cm wide but leave the tentacles whole.

Meanwhile heat several ml of sunflower oil in a large high-walled, heavy-bottomed pot over medium-high heat.

Add the flour, cold beer and ice cubes to a large bowl and stir to combine. The texture should be semi liquid. Add the ice cubes to make sure to have a very cold dough.

Dip the calamari rings in the dough befor frying them in the hot oil.
To start frying make sure that the oil has reached a very high temperature – to check: by dropping a pearl of dough in the oil it should golden immediatly.

Fry the calamari rings in several batches to avoid overcrowding, until crisp and golden, about 2-3 minutes.
Using a fine-mesh spider, transfer the fried calamari to a paper towel-lined plate to drain.

Serve them hot. Season with salt and bring along with lemon wedges. Enjoy 🙂

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