Custard Cream – nonna Lina’s recipe

cream.jpg4 person | 35min.

Waht you need

heavy saucepan and patients: constant stirring on low heat.
1 person
1 egg yolk
1 spoon of sugar
1 spoon of flour
1 glass of whole milk
2 lemon zenst chips


Pre heat the milk with the lemon chips (do not bring to boil)
Start by mixing together the eggs and sugar. Add sugar one spoon at a time, make sure that the sugar has been integrated into the cream befor adding the next one.
Once you have a very smooth mixture, add the flour with the same method.
Now you can incorporate very slowly the first glass of milk. Befor to add the rest, stir until you have a smooth texture. When it starts to be very liquid, finish to add the remaining milk.
Transfer the liquid on a low heat and stir constantly unitl it strats to thicken. (20 min.)
As the first sigh of boiling appears, the cream is ready.
Transfer the cream into a bowl and let it cool. (While transferring it, remember to remove the lemon zest)
1 – You can use the cream to fill pastries or cakes
2 – You can layer it with soft buiscuits dipped in sweet liquor
3 – For Christmas you can layer it with Pandoro slices
3 – Eat the cream alone in a cup as dessert

You can store the cream in the fridge for two days maximum


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